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It's helpful to us for you to supply as much information as possible but's not a necessity. Just fill out what you can and we'll do the rest! We guarantee a 24 hour response or sooner!

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Why do you need a professional piano mover?

Remember this, "The bitterness of poor quality service remains long after the pleasure of low price is forgotten."

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Contact Information:

Pick-Up Address:

Delivery Address:


(if required)

Stairs, Steps, Turns and Access:
Price of the move is determined by the ease of access to your instrument, please indicate how many of the following types of steps and turns are associated with the locations we'll need to negociate for this move:


stairs Steps (number of steps)
Some locations have inside and outside stairs. If there is no turns in the steps, simply count the number of steps the movers will go up or down for the estimate.

stairs 90º Pie-Shaped Turns (number of turns)
This configuration is similar to the 90º turn except, there is no true landing. The move will still require a turn, possibly multiple turns, to safely manuever the piano up or down the stairs.

spiral stairs Spiral Stairwells (number of steps)
Prehaps the most involved senario. Depending on the arc and number of steps several turns may be required. Provide photos ahead of time so we can better prepare our movers and provide a more accurate estimate.

90 degree turn 90º Turns (number of turns)
Some steps are designed with a 90º turn. In such cases, the piano may or may not physically fit on the landing. A turn is required to position the piano appropiately to the next set of stairs.

180 degeree turn 180º Turn (number of turns)
Some stairs have a 180º turn with a landing. It is important to know the size of the landing. May requre 1-2 turns to manuever the piano up or down the steps.

Size & Description of the landings above:



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